whoopsies! gourmet whoopie pies

Growing up in the Northeast, we had access to whoopie pies galore. (They’re everywhere!) Being born with a gourmet sweet tooth, the standard ones just weren’t cutting it for us. So we experimented and tried all kinds of combinations, flavors and anything gourmet we could get our hands on. We threw dinner parties and invited our friends and families to ‘tasting sessions’ where we would (and still do!) hover over them for their initial reaction to our culinary creations. If anyone in the family had a birthday, they’d be inundated with whoopie pies. Office party? You guessed it, whoopie pies. Holiday celebration? Yup, we’d be there with our gourmet whoopie pies. Our pies soon became the talk of the town and thus Whoopsies! was born.  It became clear that we were meant to introduce the rest of the country to how good whoopie pies can really be.